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Photography allows the photographer to capture the grace of the natural world
or a moment in time in a tangible way.
The photographer's goal:  Presenting a meaningful interpretation to the viewer.

Black & White photography is a favorite.  It presents an abstraction of the subject. 
Without color, there is no veneer to distract from design and form.

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  Dennis Dilmaghani

Church, Bridgeport, CA
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Photography can be described as a two step process:

First, "capturing" the image, i.e. taking the photograph;

A subject, ordinary or extraordinary, sparks an emotional response.  It could be the overall beauty of a scene, specific light, forms or symbolism.  Sometimes, it's simply capturing a specific moment in time. 

In essence, the photographer's response becomes a brief internal "journey" ! 

Tree & Rock, Greenwich, CT

Second, "translating"  the image:
Subjectively developing, interpreting and printing the image to make a photograph which reflects the photographer's vision and feeling.

Every captured image presents a unique challenge of translation from mind's eye into a printed (or viewable) photographic image.*   (See explanation below.)

The intention -- to connect with and elicit a personal response from you, the viewer.  Your response may differ from the photographer's.  However, If the image takes you on a "journey",  it has succeeded.                                       

Rainy Beach - Shoreline
Hammonasset Beach State Park, CT

* Darkroom and editing skills, combined with creative controls, enable the photographer to present the image
he or she originally visualized.
-- Typical adjustments to achieve the final print might include control of brightness, contrast, color or sharpness.  This enables emphasis of details or elements within the image.  Rarely do I alter or manipulate content unless there is a specific reason or message to convey.

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