Photography Exhibit

 "Presence," is a website presentation of my recent solo exhibit at the Scarsdale Library of selected Black & White photographs spanning the 1970s to the present. The original photographic prints were fairly large in 22” x 28” frames. The images from the exhibit may be accessed via links below.

Photography provides a means of capturing the grace of the natural physical world and presenting my interpretation in tangible form to the viewer.  The photographic print invites the viewer to put aside present reality, connect with and "step into" the image. The idea of “stepping into” may be more relevant and more easily experienced when the actual prints are viewed in a quiet gallery setting. That idea notwithstanding, I am presenting the exhibit online with the same hope the viewer may connect with the image and any feeling it may convey.

The exhibit was named "Presence" with respect to the two seemingly divergent meanings of the word:
First: A physical Presence
- that of the subject and photographer initially and then the viewer. 
Second: Of equal importance - a non-physical Presence.
 - "Presence" as something perceived, although not physical, nor able to be seen…

For me, making a photograph often takes place on more than one level.  Subjects, whether animate or inanimate, landscapes or detailed close-ups, may be inherently beautiful and photogenic.   However, a subject, alone or in context of its environment, may convey more than a purely physical presence.  That "other presence" might be described, for example, as: mood, spirit or symbolism - something that stirs emotion.. 

To illustrate: When photographing an abandoned building and water tower on an overcast and rainy day, there was a feeling of loneliness, darkness and decay around me.  That ever present feeling or mood made a vivid impression and ultimately influenced how the overall scene became fixed in my mind's eye.

As an “artist”, the depth of my response to a subject and recognition of a layered "presence" enhances my ability to interpret my work.   Accordingly, my interpretation determines how I ultimately print and present the final image for others to see.  Simply stated, the image I present to the viewer imparts my personal interpretation of the subject. If another person photographed the same subject at the same time, his or her interpretation could be quite different than mine, as evidenced in the presentation of his or her final print.

In selecting photographs for my exhibit, I searched thru images to find those which, for me (at the time I made the photograph), evoked a strong connection to the subject and meaningful emotional response.

The process of making these photographs and grouping them for the exhibit brought great satisfaction.   I hope you, the viewer, find some of the images may call to you.  Enjoy the photographs not only for the subject, but also for whatever feeling they may impart or bring forth for you.

Dennis Dilmaghani

PRESENCE Exhibit - A scrolling display of images with information

PRESENCE Gallery - A timed slideshow of images only