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Welcome to my photography website.   Thank you for visiting.

The galleries on this website separate B&W and Color. 

Clicking on one of the galleries or a gallery sub-menu will display your selection and automatically "play" thru all images in your selection on a 5 second interval.  You may also 'click' on the image or 'tap' (for iPad users)  to advance immediately.  Images may be paused by placing the mouse pointer over the image.

When viewing the galleries you will notice an icon, a small black circle with the letter "i", in the upper right corner of the page.  When clicked, the icon will show the photograph's information, title and location.


BLACK & WHITE GALLERY   Architecture - Landscape - Miscellaneous - Trees - NYC
Black and White was my primary interest when I first started in photography.    As a result, I've made many B&W images over the years. These images are a mix of traditional large format and digital      I've created sub-categories in the B&W gallery to allow browsing by subject, i.e.  Architecture - Landscape - Miscellaneous - Trees - NYC.

Recently added, a gallery featuring images of NYC.  Many of these images were taken in the 1970's when we lived in the city and I could spend weekend time wandering about Manhattan with camera in tow.

Organization of the Color Gallery differs from the B&W Gallery.  The images populate a single gallery which rotates thru all photographs.  The color images are all digitally produced using a medium format camera or full frame DSLR. 

Every digital photo typically originates in color by virtue of the digital sensor in modern cameras.  Thus, if the photographer chooses to convert the image to B&W, there's always an original color image.  In a few instances, you'll find the same image displayed in both the Color and Black & White galleries.    

I hope you enjoy the site and the image galleries. Please offer any thoughts or suggestions via the contact page.  I'd be delighted to hear from you.  

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