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Mora Valley Oil Company - Cleveland, New Mexico
This scene in the heart of Mora Valley, New Mexico, glowed in the early afternoon sun with down-home Americana spirit.
Vintage building, classic style gas pumps, trucks, tractor, big sky...
The granddaughter of the original gas station owner found the image on the internet and wrote to me, "Thank you for taking this photo. It brought a tear of joy to see something so dear to my family as it used to be in the "good old days".

Hess Gas Station - Hudson, NY

This recent Hess Gas Station provides a wonderful contrast to the image of Mora Valley Oil Co. taken many years before. The two photographs must be appreciated side by side. Same merchandising concept, different era.
In this image the stark, monolithic structure towers over a spotless concrete pad and the emptiness gives the scene a stage like appearance.

Water Tower - Housatonic, Massachusetts, ca 2015

Housatonic dates back to the 1800s and was formed around textile and paper mills. At its peak, Monument Mills, a textile manufacturer, occupied five factory buildings and employed 500. The mill closed in 1956.

Aermotor Windmill - Claunch, New Mexico, ca. 1976
- Bird’s Eye view from atop the windmill blades

Claunch is a near ghost town - a relic of pinto bean farming - yet it survives today. Population 18 in recent census. The Community Church is the white building in the background. The surrounding prairie is windswept and desolate.

World Trade Center - New York, New York

Location at the foot of (old) Cortlandt Street and West Side Drive.
Taken while construction was still underway at the WTC complex,
Circa 1971-72.

Downtown Restaurant & Bar - New York, New York

A popular after work hangout for construction workers in the downtown area.
Signs in window - "Rheingold Beer", "Schaefer Beer", "Topless Dancer".

39 Whitehall Street - New York, New York

Even on a quiet Sunday afternoon, 39 Whitehall Street, summons up ghosts of Viet Nam Era resistance, demonstrations and bombings at this location. The 100 year old building, was originally built for the Department of the Army. The building became the infamous induction center where draft age young men reported by order of the Selective Service System for pre-induction physical examinations.
In the song, “Alice’s Restaurant” (1967), Arlo Guthrie,described "Whitehall St" as the place "where you got injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected.”

St. Patrick's Cathedral - New York, New York

Location: 5th Ave at Rockefeller Center. The building under construction is Olympic Tower.

San Francisco Church - Golden, New Mexico

Church and Cemetery - Maine Coast

(Exact name and location not recorded)

Bridgeport Community Church - Bridgeport, California

Sign of the times - "Sunday School 10am" (painted over)

Barn - Near Warwick, New York

Old Barn - Near New Hope, Pennsylvania

Levi Strauss Wall Sign - Sonoma, California

Levi Strauss Overalls - The Two Horse Brand --- “A New Pair Free if they Rip”

Side Porch, House - Pasadena, California

Side Porch, House - Cranberry Island, Maine

Tree of Life - Cranberry Island, Maine
Many limbs of the tree appear dead, yet the tree is bearing a large crop of apples.
A tree from behind is pushing its branches thru the skeleton of this foreground tree.

Dancing Trees - SUNY Campus, Purchase, NY

Trees - Vallejos, California

Creeping Tree Roots - Connecticut

At the bank of the Connecticut River

Zabriskie Badlands - Death Valley National Park - California

Sand Dunes - Death Valley National Park - California

Photographing on sand dunes is challenging. It's usually windy with sand blowing constantly around your feet and sometimes rising high into the air. Protecting the camera and lens is most important. Positioning tripod legs on sand is difficult.

Rainy Evening Beach - Hammonasset State Park - Madison, Connecticut

A gray, rainy evening. The image is a time exposure, about 15-20 seconds.

Yosemite Falls - Yosemite National Park - California

Made in the midst of a heavy rainstorm


Storm Cloud - Schwabacher Landing - Near Jackson, Wyoming

This remarkable cloud appeared quite suddenly and morphed into a nondescript shape just as quickly.
As the cloud passed overhead, heavy rain poured across a vast swath of land.

Note the single small tree (a black dot in this image) left of center and top of the distant ridge. The white spot adjacent to the tree is a parked SUV - The vehicle provides interesting gauge of scale for the image.

Storm – Looking toward Inyo Range - Owens Valley, Near Lone Pine, California

This portion of the Owens Valley, is an awesome sight. Millions of boulders from the formation of the Sierra range are strewn over thousands of acres. Clouds developed rapidly preceding an impending storm, while fog drifted thru the valley.

Dancing Clouds / Active Sky - near Sutter, California

An array of clouds and air currents above a hilltop farm displayed a wonderful "dancing" quality.
The patterns were very soft and subdued against a bright blue mid-morning sky.
Filtration was necessary to darken the sky to reveal the formations.